October 22

Learn Swing Dance for Free – YouTube Video Lessons for Beginners

I wanted to learn learn swing dancing for free.  I’m a complete beginners.  Here are four (4) YouTube lessons on swing dance that I’m using.

Swing Dance can be used as a tool for personal and social transformation. Swing dancing has many health and social benefits. The transformative power of dancing  makes us stay young, happy, healthy, fit and strong, have better relationships and socialize with our communities.

These free lessons teaches the basics and are targeted for beginners.  I think taking dancing classes will further improve one’s dancing skills.  Learning swing dance as a group is fun and entertaining.

I think I should purchase my own swing dancing DVDs that professionally teaches the dance moves and steps in detail.

Video 1: Learn the basic elements of swing dancing with a world champion

 In this video, World Dance Champion Robert Royston teaches the basic elements of swing dancing. His advice: practice the elements that make up that dance much like the scales on the piano. Once you know the elements you can combine them.

Video 2:  Swing dance lessons for beginners with Brian Fortuna

This video is brought to you by DanceClass.com. It teaches you your very first Swing dance lessons for beginners with basic steps in a super simple format that anybody can follow. It teaches women’s and men’s steps separately, followed by dancing the steps in hold and to music. They have online dance classes. You can join them by signing up to their Youtube channel.

Video 3:  East Coast Swing Dance – Basic Steps for Beginners

This video teaches triple swing dance moves from East Coast swing dance and it meant for beginners. East Coast Swing, also referred to as Jitterburg, is an improvisation from Lindy Hop’s 8-count steps with a simpler 6-count basic step variation. It often combines dance steps and moves from Charleston and Balboa dances of the swing family.

Video 4:  Learn How to Swing Dance in less than 30 Minutes

This is an instructional video for beginners or those you want to polish up on their dancing skills. You can improvise on this.

Dancing dancing is a performance art. We gain more confidence and become better when we practice and perform more, and use our creativity to improvise on the basics and fundamentals we learn.

I have some idea about about Lindy Hop after watching the free YouTube lessons. Lindy Hop is the most popular swing dance with many derivatives. The swing out is the basic pattern. It has both 8-count and 6-count rhythms. Lindy Hop is fun because once we learn the basic moves and steps,  we can add more moves and improvisations.

It is essential that we learn the fundamentals of the dance. Learning the styles and techniques is easy once we have a good foundation.

October 1

Welcome Back

It’s been ten months since I last updated this blog.  Many things have happened to my life and that is no excuse not to keep my blog updated.  I have today revisited my blog and first thing, I changed to theme to Anarcho Notepad.  I first saw the theme on a blog by one of the members of Wealthy Affiliate and thought t’was cool and I like it.

This year, I went through so many big changes in my life.  The major ones are my daughter growing up into a beautiful young adult and leaving for University and the loneliness that I have to cope with.  I also decided to switch careers and go into something challenging that I will announce soon.  I bought a big brand new house in my home province Madang and are in the process of building one at Taurama Bay, Port Moresby.  I have also started learning new and smart ways of earning a living.  More on this later, too.

I moved this blog from Blogger.com to Word Press.  All this was possible with the Word Press Training and hosting I received from WA.  My two other Blogger blogs GRATITUDER and Anything Domain for Beginners are still at Blogger.com.  I hope to find time to polish them and move them to Word Press soon.  For this Blog, I will keep it more personal only.  Posts about PNG’s socio-economic issues will be moved to another blog.

With gratitude, love and blessings.

January 1

How Can We Assist Small Boat Operators to Improve Sea Transportation for Rai Coast People?

We do not have proper road infrastructure in our District. Most of our people along Raikos nambis rely on outboard motors and we all know the problems associated with that – high risk, loss of lives, high costs, unprofitability, etc. We will continue to rely on sea transport until we have the political and bureaucratic will and support to see the highway built. Let’s not lose hope!

I’ve lost family members at sea and it brings me down emotionally when I think about this issue. I think of the farmer who earns K 200 from his crops and wants to travel to town. But the boat fare is K100 return. He can’t do much with a K100!

The boat operators are what I think of as aspiring micro business owners. The fuel and operating costs of running the boats are high. Some labor, breaking the waves of the sea, without a salary. They don’t make big profits, and mostly they break-even and eventually losses as the boat ages and the maintenance costs increases. But they do it from their hearts to provide a basic service to our people.

At least this is what I experience as a boat owner/operator from Rai Coast. Where the boat doesn’t make money, we dig deep into out pockets to sustain the service. Where our people are sick, can’t afford to pay or there’s an emergency, we provide a free charitable service. The owner bears the costs from his/her salary or whatever sources of income.


Providing infrastructure, access to markets and cheaper transportation is the duty statement of our elected leaders!

You might ask, so?

Well, a few years ago, the Rai Coast District, through the MP’s office purchased some boats worth millions of kina (>K5m?). I know because they came and saw me for duty exemption. These boats were suppose to provide transportation at subsidized costs to our people. Where are these boats?

Why tie down millions of Kina in people’s money in some unproductive (and non-existent?) asset? Who benefited from this?

Whist these questions remain, we cannot sit down and complain and murmur about our misfortunes and miseries. Those who break laws, the law will one day catch up with them. Let God be the righteous Judge always!

I’ve been thinking about a way forward on this issue and these are some thoughts I have for 2016:

1. We establish a Rai Coast Boat Operators Association that will network and assist each other to improve our services to our people. This includes safety standards, communications, and a united voice to engage with our political and government leaders on how we could partner to improve our services;

2. The body could also look at ways of empowering these aspiring micro entrepreneurs in nurturing and growing their small family businesses of providing transportation;

3. We would also ask our local MP to subsidize the costs transportation so that we could reduce the fares.

4. I understand the MP purchased boats for families. I think this is not a good business model as it can be construed as bribery if it is given only to supporters and not for communal benefit. There is better way to assisting than this.

What do you think are some ways we could assist our small boat operators to improve our services to our people?

December 6

A Tribute to my uncle Baguga Sawang


Words can’t express the emptiness I feel

I felt weak when I got the news that you passed on today, Sunday 06 December, 2015

Just yesterday, I thought about my dad – William Sawang – who departed on 16 December, 2008

Seven (7) years have passed and the wound in my heart has never healed

Today, the wound is made even bigger by your departure

No tears come down my face

Because the pain is big and a shock


You were a retired teacher

When I was in my early schooling days, you were my hero

I used to think that you know the answers to every question

You traveled throughout Madang Province and taught in various community schools

You were not only a teacher but a servant of the Most High God

You taught Christian values, moral ethics and discipline

You were a spiritual father to the Sawang family


You stood between darkness and light

You waged war in the heavenlies and destroyed the work of the enemy

You were a prayer warrior

You were always armored with the Armour of God (Ephesians 6)

Your house had divine visitations

You were a very humble and cool dad

You never raised your voice, nor speak against another

You truly served your life for humanity

And made a difference wherever you went


I will miss you always.

May God receive you and give you eternal rest.

Till we meet again,

May your memory be a blessing.


With love,


December 2

How I Moved My Blog from Blogger to Word Press Easily

I first started my free blog (kejanny.blogspot.com) at Blogger in June 2012.  I eventually bought domain name kejanny.com and used it at Blogger instead of blogspot.  Ain’t a consistent blogger, even though I’d like to blog consistently.  Sometimes I think that I could have spent all the time I wasted on Facebook to build up my blog.  By the way, Kejanny’s Blog is more a personal-type blog – an online space where I share my thoughts and experiences.

Since signing up at Wealthy Affiliate to undertake course in building my website, I’ve decided to polish up my blog.  I used to think Word Press was too complicated and stayed away from it.  But the course at WA is actually teaching me how to create websites using Word Press.  I therefore thought it’d be good moving my blog from Blogger to Word Press.

Ain’t a tech savvy person, nor am I an IT person.  I come from that generation that never had computers in school.  That aside, the internet fascinates me.  I would like to learn as much as I can about the internet and how I can use the power of internet / technology to provide solutions to people’s problems.

Anyway, I searched the internet for instructions on “how to move a blog from blogger to word press” without losing any of my contents.  There are many sites providing instructions.  The best that I found was this article from WP Beginner – the Beginners Guide for WordPress.  This article gives you a step-by-step instruction on how to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google rankings.

I am yet to complete the final step of the instruction.  I just need some more time to read and understand.  Otherwise, the progress is good. I chose a simple WP theme and I’m adding content as I go on.

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November 26

It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday and I’m emotional receiving this wonderful message from my baby.

Happy 40th Birthday to my one and only Mommy dearest!  I thank God for you and I’m grateful and proud to be your Barney.  Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for us.  
You’ve sacrificed so much for us, those sleepless nights, working late then then waking up early….at times it might seem as we don’t appreciate your sacrifices and hard work.  But I do mom!  
Thank you for everything mom and thank you for sacrificing so much for me and everyone.  May God bless you and strengthen you under His mighty wings.  
I love you Momzy / Best Friend.  
Cheers to the next 40!”

O what wonderful words that brought me to tears.  I love you my Barney Lydia Phoebe!  You’re my beautiful world!

No matter what, life is good.  Life still goes on.  Our love is forever young, strong and beautiful!  In God we thrive!
November 26

The Power of Pen and Cloud

Wikimedia public domain image
Mon Amour has always encourage me to be an “alpha woman”.  But today, I lost the emotional  battle and realize the alpha woman was no longer there.  Yes, I admit I lost the battle and fought with my tears when the discussion touched something dear to me – the discrimination, marginalization and the undermining of women in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) public sector.  Only a few women hold the top post in PNG government agencies.
I felt so powerless and lost when I was told it’s a “haus man” and a man’s world and that the power and authority rests in the “hausman”.
Before I talk about the power of pen and cloud, let me pen down my gratitude for Mon Amour.  We’d spend long hours talking about gender issues, and I love listening to his life stories.  He’s a full blood Papua New Guinean but born and raised abroad.  Smart, highly intelligent, sensitive, oh gosh, maybe I’m biased, but that is what makes me love him more.  He came from abroad yesterday and we drove to Sogeri, and as usual, stopped by the road and simply enjoyed the awesome, mountains, the waterfalls and the rivers.  
The pen may be small but it’s ink drips power, if used in truth and wisdom.  The cloud cannot be touched and looks harmless but it creates rain.  Likewise, the cloud of the internet has the power to connect, discuss, disseminate information and empower women.  
November 26

The Bridge Burnt and Life Begins

“For you coming back, let me tell you that you’ve burnt bridges.  I have lost trust, faith and confidence in you”.  Those were the final words after an hour’s discussion.  

The bridge that I burnt was speaking out against discrimination against women at workplace.  I spoke against discriminatory chauvinistic practice in one of PNG’s frontline government agencies.  For a year now, I have been trying my best to get an audience with those in charge and finally today I had the opportunity to do so.  I broke down and cried like an idiot when I talked about it.
I was told the organization never knew that the Government and the country had a Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) policy in place.  I was also told that the agency never adopted a policy like this.  
I was told the organization is a ‘haus man”, a man house.  When I spoke on how women had broke down and cried during the International Women’s Day, my statement was doubted.
I was shut up on a couple of occasions, told to not to speak up against discriminatory laws and the undermining of women.  I did kept quiet for some but could no longer sit back and see women being marginalized and not given the opportunity to develop their full potential, to be involved in decision-making roles in the Papua New Guinea public sector.  
With much reluctance, I shoot an email to those in authority.  And I will never forget this day.  I ask myself why I cried because I may have lost the emotional battle without discussions with a sound mind.
Tonight I decide to start a blog – to speak my mind about the discrimination of women at workplace in the PNG public service.  To speak work about the international conventions on the elimination of all forms of violence against women.  To advocate and spread the news about the Government’s GESI and other relevant policies.  
Today, my life in the PNG Public Service ends as I am not willing to comprise to accept discrimination against women.  Today, a new journey begins for me.  
I am grateful for my daughter, #mylove and my family who have stood by me, to see me through all this.